Important Payroll Information for NJ Employers

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1) New Jersey: As of January 1, 2020, New Jersey minimum wage will be $11/hour. More info here 2) 2020 Taxable Wage Base Increase ( TDI , FLI – workers only): $134,900 More info here 3) Federal: As of January 1, 2020, employees must earn $684/week or $35,568/year ($107,432/year for highly compensated employees) to be […]

New Jersey Wage Law

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EMPLOYERS BEWARE Failing To Pay Appropriate Wages, Keep Records and Retaliating Against Complaining Employees Can Land You In Jail New Jersey has adopted one of the strongest wage theft laws in the country and jumps to the forefront in protecting employee wages. Effective November 1, 2019, New Jersey employers will face enhanced civil and criminal […]

Update on Department of Labor overtime rule

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Today the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced its long-awaited final overtime rule. The Final Rule is available on the DOL’s website here: The Final Rule increases the salary level for the white collar exemptions (executive, administrative, and professional), but at a level less than proposed by the Obama administration. Here is what you […]

State of NJ Employer Update

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Dear Employer: On February 4, 2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that will raise New Jersey_s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024, boosting wages for more than one million workers. On behalf of the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL), we write […]

NJ Minimum Wage Increase Schedule

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Postcard showing increases to reach $15 /hr minimum wage Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation 2/4/19 that will raise New Jersey’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024. The bill (A-15), sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, will grow the economy and raise wages for over one million New Jersey […]

Fall Cleaning

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As the summer of 2018 comes to a close it’s a good time to think about “fall cleaning”. It’s a time to clean out closets, put away our summer clothes and take out our sweaters, jackets and boots. It’s also a good time to do some cleaning at the office.  Take a look at your […]

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COLLEGES WILL SOON BE GRADUATING THE CLASS OF 2017 Some grads will have jobs awaiting them so we wish them luck in all of your future endeavors. Some do not have jobs waiting and some don’t even know what field they want to be in. Don’t be discouraged!  There are a lot of job opportunities […]

Tips for selecting the right staffing firm.

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Just like interviewing potential candidates, you should screen potential staffing firms. Here are some important questions you should ask before choosing. How long have they been in business? What are their recruiting and screening process? Are they available and easy to reach when you need them? Do they have experience in your specific industry and […]

Candidate Feedback

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When companies interview candidates for available positions and they are interested in hiring a certain candidate, it’s important to get feedback to the candidate within the first week. If candidates don’t hear back within the first week, 46% lose interest after 1 week of the interview and if they don’t hear anything by 2 weeks […]