Fall Cleaning

As the summer of 2018 comes to a close it’s a good time to think about “fall cleaning”.

It’s a time to clean out closets, put away our summer clothes and take out our sweaters, jackets and boots.

It’s also a good time to do some cleaning at the office.  Take a look at your desk and your office or cubby.

I bet that half of the “stuff” in your desk drawers can be thrown away. There are probably things in my desk drawers that have been with me since the beginning.  Why do we keep things that we don’t need?

Is it because we are too busy or perhaps too lazy to go through these things or do we hold on to them  for sentimental reason?  Good question.  I think in my case it’s a little bit of both.

You know that great feeling you get after you clean out your closet and get ready for the upcoming season.  Everything is neat and in order with things that you will be using in the upcoming months.

It’s a real feeling of accomplishment and I know that I am more productive when things are in order and right there when I need them.

So this fall let’s think about doing some of that fall cleaning at work as well as at home.

As I sit here at my desk I can already see five things that I will never use again, like that coupon book that expired in 2017!

Have a great fall season and happy cleaning!